Cast Core Competitiveness with Innovative Tesla Custom Products

Foshan Yuxi Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014, the early main providing tesla accessories for 3/Y/S/X products and services for luxury brand car 4S stores, having accumulated a wealth of experience and technical: in 2019, Yuxi seized the new energy vehicle modifcation market opportunity and began to enter it, a number of Tesla custom products are world premieres, such as Power Frunk, Wireless Soft Closing Lock, Intelligence Instrument, Laser Enaraving Ambient Light and so on, which have high brand influence and popularity in many countries and regions, such as the U.S, Europe and Japan. 

Business Concept

Yuxi Space is committed to more secure and smarter products and high quality services for each car owner to reshape the relationship between people and the car, creating excellent quality with innovation.

Tesla Accessories for 3/Y/S/X Products Go Straight to The Users

After five years of precipitation in the field of new energy vehicle conversion, Yuxi Space has a leading competitive advantage in terms of Tesla accessories for 3/Y/S/X. Yuxi EV Space lets products be directly user-oriented, while the needs of store users more direct feedback to product development, so that the product is closer to user needs, forming a tesla custom product from research and development, production, and sales to upgrade and optimization of the whole process. We have exported many high-quality Tesla modified and upgraded products to global consumers, which has been unanimously recognized by global consumers. In the future, we will continue to innovate and improve to provide global consumers with more scientiffc and technological smart products!

Technical Service Team

Our product technical service team is the golden partner to provide you with professional and comprehensive product technical support and guidance. Our team consists of a group of passionate and highly experienced professionals. Before providing you with technical guidance, we will listen carefully to your needs, understand your goals, and provide customization services to your requirements. In our pursuit of excellence and attention to detail, we will provide you with accurate, timely and professional technical guidance throughout the process to help you solve problems and achieve better results. We will provide you with the most professional product technology solutions to help you win in the increasingly fierce market competition.


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