Automatic Power Door

Electric control, no need manual operation

1. Radar Monitoring Intelligent Anti-Collision

The radar detects an obstacle outside the door when opening the door. Door will stop to prevent collision.

2. 8 Kinds of Electric Switch Ways

Car key/door handle/brake to close /console screen/switch controller/key card /APP/door panel button

3. Intelligent Anti-Pinch Security Guard

Trigger the anti-trap function to stop door when door closes and encounters resistance.

4. Security System Speed Guard

When the speed exceeds 1KM/H, smart door doesn’t receive signal instructions to ensure driving safety.


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    Compatible Model 19+Model 3/Y
    Function Manual and electric integrated control
    Core Components Electric suction lock/Actuators/Console switch /Radar ECU
    Voltage & Current 9-16V/3-5A
    Rated Power 30W
    Installation Time 5h
    Package Size L690xW240xH100 mm
    Gross Weight 2.8KG