Car Refrigerator 15L

1. Ultra-Fast German Refrigeration Technology
Allied industry refrigeration system solutions tailored by experts.
-5°C-20°C temperature regulation.
Meet the temperature requirements of different items.

2. Super Stable Equipped With BYD MCU
BYD intelligent control system, passed by multiple rigorous tests whether it is a bumpy road or high temperature environment, the machine runs smoothly.

3. Adopt Holographic Intelligent Operating System
Power on and display the inside box real-time temperature.
Adjust the temperature, built-in anti-mistouch design and power-off memory function.

4. 15L Large Capacity Super Power Saving
High-end DC inverter compressor.
Automatically switch between MAX (quick cooling mode) and ECO (energy saving mode) according to feedback from the temperature sensor.

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    Compatible Model 21+Model Y
    Function Cooling & Preservation
    Core Components Compressor/Temperature control module
    Material ABS
    Color Black/Green
    Power Mode 12v DC
    Installation Time 30min
    Capacity 11L(inclusive)-15L(inclusive)
    Package Size  L670x W380xH440mm
    Gross Weight ≈9.5KG