Power Trunk

1. Titanium Gray Polished Strut

Imported spring and frosted process.

Four-layer painting process/wear resistance increased by 60%.

Uniform ball head Coating/Enhanced corrosion & wear resistance.

2. Aluminum Alloy Control Box

Anti-static, anti-jamming.

Car rules-grade control system, safe power access.

No affect the original functions.

3. Intelligent Electric Suction Door Motor

Powerful electric suction locking system / Automatic absorption / Locking tailgate strength waterproof / Intelligent anti-pinch / Memory height / Ultra-low decibel.

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    Compatible Model 18+Model 3
    16+Model S
    Function Electric Trunk control
    Core Components Lock/Strut/Control Box
    Voltage & Current 12V / 5-15A
    Power Range 60-180W
    Installation Time 1h
    Package Size L515xW107xH275mm
    Gross Weight 4-5KG