A New Definition of Tesla Storage Space-Yuxi Tesla Power Frunk

In response to Tesla owners’ growing need for more storage space and smart performance, Yuxi Space brings you a New Tesla Power Frunk.

More than just a large storage space, it also has power opening and closing functions, making it easier and smarter for you to use.

Control by mobile APP/physical button /original console screen/physical key
With a simple one-button operation, you can easily open and close the power frunk Tesla.

Safety Protection
Automatically stops working when resistance or abnormalities are detected, ensuring the safety of you and your belongings.

Mute design, comfortable experience
Mute power struts design, Tesla power frunk with imported springs and frosted craft, four-layer painting craft, wear-resistant degree increased by 60%, corrosion resistance, anti-abrasion enhancement, low noise when running, will not bring you any interference. More than 10,000 times of power struts test, durable.

IP67 waterproof plug
Whether it is the control module plug or the struts plug, the vehicle-grade waterproof plug is adopted.

Yuxi Tesla power frunk electric suction lock
All newly designed suction lock structures, mute automatic suction, and memory height.

In general, Yuxi Space power frunk Tesla, intelligent, convenient, immediately contact us at inquiry @ yuxispace.com of our team, bulk purchase to get the best price.

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