Fantastical Tesla Interior Ambient Lighting: Extremely Chill

You must have experienced the following scenes: 

1.  Ending a tiring day of work, and driving home overflowing with a sense of exhaustion and anxiety, at this time you need cool Tesla interior ambient lighting and music to relieve and raise the spirit to drive.

2. In the dark Tesla car, you and your girl have an ambiguous atmosphere, I think at this time, there should be a unique Tesla interior ambient lighting, to set up this romantic atmosphere.

Therefore, you need an interior ambient lighting car Tesla and we have launched a national patent for Laser Engraving Ambient Light for Model 3/Y and it fits the original vehicle’s minimalist style design with the following outstanding performances:

1. Yuxi interior ambient lighting car Tesla, 128 custom colors, 6 kinds of flowing and dazzling lights effects design, and a variety of modes:

(1)Breathing mode: the lights simulate the rhythm of human breathing, and the colors change with it.
(2)Jumping mode: lights change once each 3s to create a different color atmosphere.
(3)Strobe mode: If you like rock, I think you’ll feel differently.
(4)Music rhythmic mode: I think you will have a favorite song, you need lights to follow your song and mood in Tesla car, there are different emotions flowing.

 2. Smart control:

Control Tesla interior ambient lighting by touching an LCD central control panel that fits the original car design, you can choose the colors you want from the colors wheel.

3. Laser Engraving technology

U-shaped saddle laser engraving design

Front door laser engraving design

Display laser engraving design

Adopt the laser engraving technology to punch holes, up to 45000 holes in total for the whole car, LED light bar through the 0.2mm laser engraving holes to give out light, light is soft, not harsh, enhance the original car quality.

In the vehicle backrest, footwell, door wrist, and air vents, we also make use of the original space to fit the original car’s design for light diffusion. See the beauty in the details.

Adopt LED  lights that are more environmentally friendly and energy saving, in the case of all the lights glowing, only 6W power consumption.
Such an ambient light, how can not love?

4. Non-destructive installation

No damage to other structures and wiring inside the original car.

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