Intelligent Instrument Display 6.6 Pro

1. Fit the Original Vehicles: Linux system, starting up in seconds, small kernel, no memory garbage output, don’t block the vent at the same time, support OTA upgrade.
2. IPS True Color Display: 1560X720 resolution, 6.25 inch, larger size and more ergonomic design.
3. Sync Display: speed/power/gear/light/turn signal/total mileage/distance keeping/range/charging/time
4. Front 1080P Camera: increases the visual range, can control the instrument functions by the original steering wheel buttons and touch screen.
5. Support CarPlay/Auto/Hicar: convenience screen projection and navigation, reduce the hidden danger of touching the screen while driving to make driving safer.
6. Independent Speaker: connect to Bluetooth, sound from the original car speaker (instrument independent speakers + original car Bluetooth connection sound).


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