Intelligent Instrument Display 6.8 CarPlay

1. Compatible for Model 3/Y: Linux system, touch screen to click, wire harness is compatible with AMD/Intel processors at the same time.

2. Independent Speaker: no need to connect the original car Bluetooth, it can play GPS sound and music.

3. Don’t blocking the Air Vent: integrated molding, equipped with 155 ° front wide-angle camera, sweeping out the visual blind spots.

4. Support CarPlay/Android Auto: support Bluetooth to connect with CarPlay/Android, enjoy online music, GPS, OTA upgrade.

5. Multi-functional Display: 3 UI themes, day and night switching, synchronized electricity/mileage/temperature/gear/speed limit/brightness/seatbelt alert/speed limit warning/abnormal tire pressure etc.

6. Plug&Play: special molds, don’t damage the original car cables and internal structure.


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