Portable Freezer for Trunk

1. Embedded Design: using the original trunk sunken structure,precise seamless integration with the original vehicle,don’t take up any space.

2.Ultra-low Power: 45W low power,only 0.6 kWh for a full day,energy saving and environmental protection.

3. Extra-large Capacity: 35L large space,portable access to any of your favorite food and drinks during long-distance travel,accompany you every season.
4. LED Digital Display on Screen: real-time display of temperature and working status,get the refrigerator information directly.

5. Quick Cooling: the high-performance compressor cools down to -22℃,so you can enjoy cold drinks even on hot summer days.
6. Non-destructive Power Supply: take power from the original cigarette lighter,non-destructive installation doesn’t damage the original structure,carefree use.

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