Tesla Model 3/Y Steering Wheel Yoke with Yuxi Custom

Maybe all boys have a dream of becoming a race car driver one day! when you have a racing-style steering wheel in your hands, that’s pretty cool! The Model S/X adopted the new Yoke steering wheel, Tesla is always so unique.

Yuxi Space also wants to apply the same personalization to the Tesla Model 3 steering wheel and Tesla Model Y steering wheel! The high-tech design fulfills the inner thoughts boys had when they were kids.

Original style design

The Tesla Model 3/Y steering wheel is an irregular steering wheel that first debuted in 2021. This design differs from the traditional round steering wheel, it is more like a “Y” and has no rings on either side of the steering wheel. Tesla Model 3/Y steering wheel Yoke has caused many car companies to follow suit, and more and more cars are beginning to adopt the shape design.

Yuxi designed two original-style Tesla Model 3/Y steering wheels based on the Tesla concept, which are highly technological. It is designed to provide a greater field of vision as there is no traditional steering wheel ring to block the view.

Integrated bracket

Integrated mold design, sturdy and durable aluminum-magnesium alloy, safe and reliable

The gear part is made of high carbon steel, tightly closed seams

No stitches wrap, new craft

Original craft for Tesla Model Y/3 steering wheel wrapping, beautiful and generous, Yuxi produces and designs products that are meticulous in details

Harnesses connection, non-destructive installation

Since Tesla is a new energy vehicle, our product design concept is convenient installation without damaging the original wiring harness. For the Tesla plug, we adopt the plug-to-plug, non-destructive installation.

Vehicle-grade heating wire

Retain the original heating function

Temperature can be up to 38℃ in 1 min


Nappa craft, upgraded holding feel

To enhance the holding feel of the original Tesla Model Y/3 steering wheel, we adopt Nappa craft, and a variety of styles and colors to choose from.

Tesla Model Y/3 steering wheel mods by Yuxi, refitting the traditional steering wheels with personalized racing-style heated Tesla Model Y/3 steering wheel is a brand new innovation, leading to a new trend, Contact us now to place an order to replace the featureless steering wheel!


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