The Magic Behind Yuxi’s Tesla Door Handle: A Closer Look

Yuxi’s customized products can stand the test from the details to the whole, let’s explore the magic behind Yuxi’s Tesla Model 3 door handles up close.

In this article, we are going to deep dive into their Tesla Model 3 door handles and see how they have innovated a simple door handle and turned it into something more suitable for an innovative car like making it fully automatic and installing RGB lights.

Tesla Door Handle Key Advantages

Yuxi’s Tesla door handle is suitable for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. Upon shipping, you receive 4 pieces of door handles so all doors share the same automatic and RGB lighting door handles. These custom door handles have many advantages and perks over the original door handles shipped by Tesla in their cars.

The main highlight of these Tesla Model 3 door handles is that they are automatic, meaning they open the door handle automatically. You have 6 control methods: Touch sensor, APP, Central control screen, Card unlock,Key, and P button. All original door handles do not have this functionality and require manual opening.

In addition to this automatic opening, these door handles also feature RGB lighting on the inside part of the handle which shines when the door handles are open. This gives a colorful vibe to the car and sets you aside from other Tesla cars. Colors include red, yellow, green, purple, pink, white, and blue. Moreover, these automatic door handles are also IPX6 waterproof which means they endure rainfall and other liquid contact without any malfunctioning. With an anti-pinch design, it is safer to use.

Tesla Model 3/Y Door Handles Build Design

Something to note is that the door handle follows the same design as Tesla Model 3 door handles in shape and size. Moreover, the build quality of Tesla door handle by Yuxi replicates the original flawlessly. It follows the same ergonomic design as the original Tesla door handles which are comfortable to hold and use. You can observe this after the installation as the modified Tesla Model 3 door handles sit flush with the exterior of the door in the same way as the original door handle.

The material used for these Yuxi Space door handles is steel and ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). The door handle is also painted with a matte black finish which just takes the door handle to another level. Moreover, this matte black finish is highlighted well with RGB lighting and the modified door handles shine when opening the handle.


Yuxi’s Tesla Model 3 door handles install easily without damaging or removing the outside body of the car. It is a plug-and-play installation and it only takes 1 hour to install a door handle. After the installation, Yuxi’s Tesla Model 3 door handles look the same as the original door handle.

To Sum Up

So, if you are in the market for custom Tesla door handles that not only open automatically through 6 control methods but also provide RGB lighting that illuminates the handle with many color options, do check out Yuxi Space’s website and also look at other custom modifications and customizations they offer for Tesla cars.


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